Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Journal Post #10

Chapter 10 Promoting Success for All Students through Technology 

Focus Question: How does technology promote learning success for young writers?

Technology and Writers:
           Technology is a great way for young writers to get their work out there. One of my old friends loves to write. She used to write all day in her notebook. She had countless notebooks filled with different stories. She used to post them online and would have people read them and give her feedback about what she needed to improve on and what her strong suits where. This was a great opportunity for her. It helped her in so many ways become a better writer and a better person. She learned how to take criticism in a positive way. It taught her how to take what people said to her and try to improve her writing. Students need other outlets for showing their work. Showing it to teachers help but some students want their writing skills to reach other people and they want more feedback than what their teacher can give them. Having feedback from many different people can help young writers grow so much in their skills and how they work.

Photo Credit to: Doug Dunderdale on Flickr

Tech Tool 10.1 Interactive Whiteboards:
           I absolutely love interactive whiteboards. They give the students a chance to physically write on the board with different colors, or highlight on it. The class loves them because it's something new and teachers love it because it keeps the class interested. My math teacher uses her interactive whiteboard for every class. It helps so much because if we need more examples she can just create a clear page and give us examples. When you write on a whiteboard then you can change it to actual text and change the font and color. The whiteboard is said to be going out of date but I personally don't believe that.

           Technology is constantly helping students grow, not only in writing but in other areas as well. There are countless websites to help any student doing any type of research or if they need help with something. Technology does not only have to be the internet though. It can be helping a student read or type. There are a number of different things technology has accomplished in helping students accomplish their goals.

           Textbook - Maloy, Robert, Verock-O’Loughlin,Ruth-Ellen, Edwards, Sharon A., and Woolf, Beverly Park (2013). Transforming Learning with New Technologies. 2nd Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your recount about the online writing posts of your friend. Ultimately, there is the need for an 'authentic audience' in addition to teacher (and peer) evaluation, as well as standardized assessment. That's why writing on a blog and opening that up/encouraging the 'real world' to comment is a fabulous way to get honest feedback that you could never get in the classroom.